Maple Taffy

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Maple taffy: to eat without moderation.

Formats : 250g, 6x250g

We are offering one of the most flavourful maple taffy. Here, nothing is hidden! We make real maple taffy from real maple syrup only—no glucose added. We swear! To make taffy, we boil the syrup, then pour it into pretty lil jars and it’s ready to enjoy.
If you come by at the shack, we will make sure to have you try it on snow with one of our traditional wooden pallets.

Pure maple taffy. 100% syrup. Quite a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

* Beware. Maple taffy, leaks and sticks. There will be much more than your tooth that will be sweet!

250 g bottles. Glass containers with reclosable caps. You can reuse them to put all sorts of things. Get on Pinterest to find ideas!

Sold individually or in six-pack. Delivered directly to you.

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