Maple syrup – 750ml

20.00 $

A pure, amber coloured and absolutely flavourful maple syrup.

Format : 750ml

The syrup is made the old-fashioned way “according to uncle Maurice’s methods”, to quote Jocelyn, the owner. Uncle Maurice is a very experienced maple syrup producer that has many sugaring-off seasons under his belt. Here, we respect his recipe and benefit from his wise advice. This is what allows us to offer a unique and tasty syrup.

Maple sap is boiled for hours in a wood-fired evaporator like it was done in the good old days! At SACRÉ FILS sugar shack, we rely on traditions to deliver full maple flavour.
No preservative. No artificial flavour. Just a damn good syrup, 100% pure!
750 ml glass bottles with reclosable caps—at a fair price!