Maple butter

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Creamy maple butter, slowly churned with lots of love.

Formats : 250g, 6x250g

Made of syrup—and only syrup—this product is 100% natural and 100% delicious. To make it, we boil the syrup to bring it to taffy, then we let everything cool down. We finally churn it and the magic happens (God willing)! It seems simplistic to you? Not at all, think about it! For a maple butter to be smooth and creamy, you must be patient, very precise and ready to give it a good dose of love.
No dairy products. All natural. Damn good!

*Warning. This product is so delicious that it can create addiction. You’ll crave for more.

250 g bottles. Glass containers with reclosable caps. You can use them again to put spices or condiments. Yes, we thought of that! You’re welcome!

Sold individually or in six-pack. Delivered directly to you.

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