The Story

This is a second career for the owner, Jocelyn Giguère, who starts in maple syrup production after 25 years in the poultry industry. It is a promising, however, not surprising turnaround for the entrepreneur and father of two who has always found himself at ease in the woods and open air. He is following his uncle Maurice’s steps, a professional maple syrup producer with whom he shares this passion.

Jocelyn has the chance to work with Maurice, which allows him to expand his knowledge and understand the workings of maple syrup production and its derivatives. He now knows all the secrets to make good syrup and proudly bears his title of SUGARMAKER. He will definitely pass you on his passion with a taste of his original and authentic products.

This is therefore the birth of the SACRÉ FILS, a sugar shack with non-very Catholic menus and damn good maple products.


Since “sacré” basically means “sacred” and that “fils” means “sons”, SACRÉ FILS stands for the two (“sacred”, so to speak) sons of Jocelyn, the owner. They probably don’t always deserve the title, but we don’t know for sure. Mathyas 15 and Benjamin 18 are both good athletes, in top shape and ambitious.

Le SACRÉ FILS draws inspiration from nature, land and traditions. Cutting down trees, tapping maples, walking in the woods, taking a good breath of fresh air, it’s sacred to the three Giguère.